We believe that schools can be better designed to promote the wellbeing and flourishing of students.
Using data and student-led insights our service helps schools to do this.
“Tranquiliti is designing a powerful, new method for improving wellbeing throughout the academic year”
Kirsten Naude, Director of New Ventures - The Children's Society

The solution

Tranquiliti is a new, whole-school digital service to support both schools and students to understand and improve mental wellbeing.

Our app supports each students’ happiness and growth, and gives a voice to their everyday experience. By generating student-led insights into school life and wellbeing, we build responsive environments that promote flourishing and learning.


For students

Tranquiliti gives students an app to help them to understand themselves and grow.

Personalised experience
The app uses a wellbeing index, developed by our partners The Children’s Society, and live school data around students’ grades, attendance and timetable, to create a personalised profile for every student. These profiles show students their wellbeing in three domains: Me, My School, and My Life. 

Improving their wellbeing
The app uses this profile to guide personalised reflections around the wellbeing domains. As students progress through school, the profiles develop to mirror each student's personal growth. Those who require additional assistance are signposted onto relevant and trusted resources and support, both inside and outside of school.

Students are shown insights from the wider school, helping destigmatize mental wellbeing, and creating a stronger sense of community. Updates are then shared with students around the decisions that have been made to improve their school.

Tranquiliti - for students

For schools

Tranquiliti gives staff a digital tool to provide student-level insights into school life and wellbeing.

Enhanced insights
Tranquiliti generates insights on the experiences and wellbeing of students at an individual, cohort, and whole-school level. In addition to identifying students who are struggling, these insights place the wellbeing and experience of students at the core of school strategy. Schools have the option of including questions on areas of school in which they want greater levels of feedback and insight.

Improved decision-making
These insights are combined with each school’s existing data-set, and wellbeing data from our school network, to enable informed decisions which support the symbiotic improvement of wellbeing and performance.

Additional school support
Our network managers will help schools to draw on the collective learning of the wider school network to help implement best practice and the most appropriate systems for improving the wellbeing and experiences of students.

Tranquiliti - for schools
“70% of young people with mental health problems do not receive support at a sufficiently early stage. Many slip into crisis”
Mental Health Foundation

Our people

Tranquiliti team - George
George Metcalfe

George is the head of Business Operations. He has worked at ARK Globe Academy and consulted for the London Borough of Hounslow. After this he worked in the innovation team of social sector think tank New Philanthropy Capital on their youth focused tech for good initiative.

Tranquiliti team - George
Aaron John

Aaron is the head of Product Strategy. His past experience includes working at City Gateway College. After this he was Learner Manager at the School for Social Entrepreneurs where he designed and led start-up venture programmes for clients such as Lloyds Bank, Linklaters and PwC.

Tranquiliti team - George
James Pyne
Tech consultant

James runs Pala, a consultancy that creates applications and harnesses intelligent uses of data. He previously worked on the analysis of the Large Hadron Collider experiment at CERN, implementing machine learning models to detect the Higgs Boson particle.

Tranquiliti team - George
Kira Csala
User experience associate

Kira has worked with the product design team at CSL System, designing the UI for their digital alert app and as a web designer at Rebecca Bradley and EDDA, where she set up and maintained their online shop. She has a BA (Hons) in Design Studies from Goldsmiths College, London.


Together we're better

We have been fortunate to partner with organisations such as The Children's Society to help gain traction.

We would love to increase our network of schools to help us further understand the needs of students and staff.

We believe in working alongside professionals who can help provide valuable advice and direction for our software, so we would also love to connect with mental health experts.

logo - The Children's Society

The Children's Society is one of the largest youth charities in the UK. This is one of our main partnerships and their support includes guiding us on strategy and product design.

logo - Bethnal Green Ventures

Bethnal Green Ventures is the UK's only tech for good accelerator. Completed in Autumn 2018, we received 12 weeks intensive support and pre-seed investment. They continue to advise and give access to their wide network.

logo - Resurgo

Resurgo is a successful youth charity based in London. We were supported through their ventures programme with our impact and business planning.

logo - Educate

UCL's EDUCATE programme offers guidance to EdTech startups on their product and impact. We have completed the programme and been awarded the EdWard for being Evidence Aware.

logo - Hogan Lovells

Hogan Lovells is one of the world’s leading law firms. They support us with pro-bono legal advice regarding GDPR compliance.

logo - Versus Studio

Versus Studio is a branding agency focused on helping ethical companies build their brands. They have supported us in developing our branding and visual identity.


Get involved

We are always looking to build partnerships with organisations and schools.

If you would like to join us in our mission to place mental wellbeing at the heart of schools, please get in touch. Thank you.


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